A Hunt For The Seat of Productivity – Maximizing comfort and efficiency

Productivity in the workplace is something all companies want, and they take an endless number of steps to improve it. Today, let’s take a look at how a firm’s seating arrangements can improve productivity in as little as a week!

The Mood and Posture Association:

Sitting posture can greatly influence your mood depending on the posture itself. However, the right sitting posture does more than just improve how one feels, but also how one thinks! It can change a whole mindset. 

  • Your sitting posture directly affects your mood, if you sit straight and move your shoulders back for the right posture, you’ll find that your mood changes instantly to something more positive. This isn’t just great for work, but rather for any situation where one is plagued by negativity. 
  • Contrary to what people believe, slumping one’s shoulders can drain them of their emotional energy and positivity. And those are things one absolutely MUST have if they wish to put that energy into  their work! Skipping has been known to restore energy better than slumping. 

The Body and Posture Association:

Sometimes it’s not an individual’s own fault that they are completely drained! There is always a chance of having to deal with tasks that simply take the fun out of work. While this can drastically drop productivity across all employees, the solution is actually quite simple. Changing one’s own posture through stretching helps improve blood flow and retaining a posture of power can cause a positive shift in one’s hormonal balance. 

This helps improve problem-solving, assertiveness, and builds confidence in the long run. All it takes is the right posture and sitting position. 

The Workstation and Posture Association:

The actual posture will determine which parts of the body are under stress. Sitting improperly can cause more muscle and neck pain, making it difficult to concentrate on one’s work. 

  • Maintain the backrest at a 120° angle with a 10% margin for error
  • Avoid leaning back as much as possible during work as it can make it difficult to work from that position.
  • Sitting straight with the back-rest at the right angle can help reduce the strain on the back muscles

A Well-Rounded Solution

The conditions for heightened productivity via the right sitting positions can be achieved by taking into account the chairs at the workplace. Are they adjustable? Can they help maintain one’s posture when working? These are some of the many questions that must be asked. However, the most important question is “How much do they cost?”. After all, if one is buying enough chairs for an entire workspace then a budget must be set! 

Thankfully, there are options where one can procure furniture that meets all the required criteria at affordable prices. We’re a good example of those, reach out to us at makemychairs.com today or talk to our experts about what kind of chair you will need.