Caring For Your Office Chair

Caring for your office chair

Office chairs aren’t necessarily just for the office. They’re great for work from home too! However, if your chair is starting to squeak and smell, then it's time for some maintenance! Even the best of ergonomic chairs in Chennai need a good clean from time to time. If you take care of your chair, then it will take care of you. 

Here Are Some Simple Steps You Can Follow To Clean Your Chair.

Listen To Your Manufacturers

All good chairs come with an upholstery tag, the tag contains information on how to clean the surface of your chair. Different chairs come with different materials for the upholstery and thus will require different methods of care. Follow them meticulously to clean your chair while maintaining durability.

Remove spots with water/soap or spot-remover

Unless the upholstery tag specifically says not to, it should be acceptable to use water and soap to clean persistent spots on your chair. Just a little bit of soap and a few dabs with a damp cloth will be enough to get rid of all but the most persistent stains from the chair’s surface. 

Tougher stains will require a tougher solution, however that does not mean it’s safe to use. Try it first on a spot that’s not usually visible to the naked eye to make sure that your stain remover won’t mark the fabric. 

Materials like leather would begin to dry out over time, causing the surface to become uncomfortable, and eventually tearing. Using conditioner on original leather once every few months will keep it from drying and extend its lifespan. 

Check The Screws, And The Wheels

Make sure that all the screws and bolts on your chair are tight, as they can loosen over time. A chair with a loose bolt or screw is unstable and sitting on such a chair can be dangerous. 

If your chair can’t seem to maintain the set height, you will need to consider replacing the gas cylinder at the base. 

Clean your chair’s wheels and make sure they remain well lubricated. Make sure to also clean the bearings that hold the wheels to the chair, and lubricate them adequately. 

It’s Okay To Let Go

We love chairs that make us feel comfortable, and that’s what a good office chair does! However, if your chair is simply too old, it might be better for you to see what new chairs are on the market. Check out amazing yet affordable, ergonomic chairs from