Stretches And Solutions For The Workplace

The work at an office can be quite time-consuming. And often, we’re so engrossed in our work that we don’t take a moment to stand up and stretch our back. This is what tends to lead our health to ruin as it’s important for us to often stretch and get the blood flowing from time to time. Lack of movement has been instrumental in the development of most aches and pains an office-working professional will experience. In order to combat this, it is strongly recommended that you consider some helpful stretches that will relieve the stiffness and pain. Regularly performing some of these stretches every 45-60 minutes will do wonders for the spine and improve one’s quality of life. 

Start With The Neck

The stiffness that goes with sitting for long periods can cause quite the pain in the neck. It will be incredibly difficult if you tried to focus when your neck simply won’t stop hurting because of the position it’s been in all day! Moving your neck forward, backward, and sideway. Grip your seat on both sides and gently tilt your head sideways. If you’re doing it right, you’ll feel your neck muscles stretching. 

Don’t Miss Out On The Forearms

Our forearms can come under a lot of strain as we use them throughout the day. Why? Because if your elbows don’t have enough support as you work throughout the day, your hands will start to ache due to muscle fatigue. To that end, it’s important to regularly stretch your fingers and the muscles on your wrist by turning your palm upward and gently pulling back on your fingers with your other hand. You will feel the muscle on your wrist stretching, but try not to overdo it. This can be done for both arms. 

Never Skip Leg Day

Squats are a great way to make sure that the blood-flow to your extremities remain constant. Your calves are also responsible for maintaining blood-flow back up your legs. So, keeping them healthy will ensure blood flow to your extremities remains optimal. 

A Chair You Can Trust

While there are many stretches one can do in the time they have, there is no substitute for proper ergonomic support. This is why it is so important for a professional to have a good chair they can put their faith in while they proceed to give their all at work. 

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