The Sorting Of The Chairs: 10 Things To Check Before You Buy

Chairs are something we don’t really think about until adulthood, and we don’t necessarily have the right information to just choose the right chair. Normally many of us would simply go for the cheapest options and that would be that. But now, we have grown in age and experience. We know that a good chair is worth far more than the price you pay, and a bad chair is far too costly with regards to the health issues you can cause yourself by not taking proper care of your back.

Even in the world of excellent ergonomic chairs, one might face more personal difficulties related to body size, height, or shape. So how does one go about to actually get themselves a proper chair to sit in? 

Here Are Some Things You Need To Check If You’re Getting A Chair.

  1. The Backrest: Is it Adjustable? Does it follow the curvature of the spine to support your lower back? 
  2. Feet Firmly On The Ground: Once seated, you should be able to place both your feet firmly on the floor. The height should either be adjusted to fix this or a footrest can be placed. 
  3. Bigger Isn’t Better: The chair you need should fit your body perfectly, especially the arm rests. Care must be taken to ensure they are not too wide as that will cause additional strain to what is supposed to be a relaxing posture.
  4. Is Your Table High Enough? The height of the table you’re working at determines if you are about to struggle with undue strain on your shoulders even if you have a great chair. 
  5. Neck Angle: When you’re facing forward in your chair, you should be able to focus exactly on the centre of your computer screen or your usual point of focus without having to raise or lower your neck too much. 
  6. The Height Of The Backrest: A chair backrest should at least reach above the middle of your back, and its great if they’re at the shoulders. 
  7. The Seat Of The chair should have adequate length, reaching up to a few inches behind your knee upon being seated. 
  8. Check Your Cushioning as it has a tendency to get old and worn out over time, making the once-comfortable chair wholly uncomfortable. Choose memory foam for the best results. 
  9. Make Sure If It Holds Your Weight. This is a question a few of our heavier readers will have: Can an office chair hold my weight? The answer is yes it can, if you choose the right one! 
  10. Don’t Rush It… We understand the desire for comfort and the frustration that goes with the aches and pains of poor posture. But a chair is an important investment that could remain with you for a few years or even more. So, taking your time to buy this will serve you far better than simply buying on impulse. 

And there you have it, ten things you definitely need to keep in mind when you’re looking for your ideal chair. If you’re looking for a good chair to use, then your best choice is to choose a reputable brand that can help you find the right chair to relax, like You can buy our chairs (custom-built) online or simply come down to one of our experience centres for fun!