Tips To Make Work More Enjoyable (At The Office And At Home!)

Work can be a lot of… work. And any self-respecting professional knows that creating an environment more conducive to working is important if they plan to work for extended hours. Whether you’re working from the office or whether you’re working from home, there are a few steps you should always follow if you wish to create a workspace that increases your efficiency. 


We might think it’s important to create a professional environment at home, but we also need to create a familiar atmosphere if we’re at the office. If offices gave their employees more leeway to decorate their personal space, it would let employees feel at ease with their surroundings, letting them put more energy into their work. 

Don’t Stay Seated All Day

Staying seated for long periods of time can be very painful as you spine will stay in a compressed state throughout the duration and this can take its toll, causing back pain. Take at least 5 minutes every hour to do some stretches, walk around, and touch your toes. Offices that do this have shown to have better productivity. Why? Because people tend to work better when they don’t have health problems to worry about. 

If you work from home, then feel free to walk around your house, touch your toes, or even go for a short walk to the nearby store. It’s important that we don’t stay in one place for too long, and while being engrossed in work is a good thing, it shouldn’t be at the expense of your health. 

A Chill Environment

Make sure your environment is set to the optimum temperature that’s not so hot that you sweat, and not so cold that you shiver. This might be difficult but if an office can settle on an acceptable temperature, then employees will be able to do their work unhampered by the discomfort associated with a high or low temperature. 

Create A Calm Workspace By Minimizing Distractions And Aromatherapy. 

Some people like to work with background noises, and some people don’t. So, a better way to let people work the way they wish to in the workplace is to request that they use headphones instead. It would be helpful to minimize distractions in the workplace by asking employees to put their phones on silent so as not to distract each other.

Creating a breakroom and adopting a more flexible work schedule will let all employees limit their casual interactions to the breakroom itself. Once this is done, it will be easy to encourage focus while working. 

If you’re at home, just keep the distractions to a minimum by staying away from them until you’ve finished what you set out to do. 

Using fragrances like lavender and orange can be great if you use aromatherapy in the office. It creates a relaxing atmosphere where one can truly focus. 

What are you sitting on?

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