When Is It The Right Time To Invest In A New Chair?

Are you slouching off late while working? Or are you experiencing excruciating pain in your shoulder blades and neck? It is time. Yes, it is time to soothe the pain by getting the perfect support for it. No, it’s not a neck belt. A neck belt would hardly get you out of the pain. If you are looking for an overall solution for your back and neck pain then you have to go beyond the regular solution. A chair could be the answer to all your problems. Not any ordinary chair but an ergonomic chair. If you are experiencing tough and tiring work every day, then you probably are not sitting the right way. Here are three signs to look for to know when you need an ergonomic chair for your workstation.

Damage To Your Chair - This is probably one of the most obvious reasons why you should get a new chair. Not many people immediately go for getting a new chair once their old one is broken. But you don’t always have to wait until your chair entirely falls apart. Look for these specific signs like loose hinges, stuck wheels, and any weird noises while moving around. This is the first sign for you to invest in a new ergonomic chair. Sitting in a broken chair can lead to body aches.

Seat Cushion - If you find your seat cushion flattened, it is a sign to get a new chair. Oftentimes we ignore this very basic aspect of a chair and continue sitting on the same old cushion. The whole reason for sitting on a chair is to have enough rest to our tail bone and a soft base to feel comfortable. If you find your seat cushion in a bad condition, change your chair with no second thoughts. A compressed cushion will put more pressure on your tail bone leading to back and neck pain. 

Improper Fitting - It is not always that the chair has to get old. Sometimes there could be manufacturing defects due to which you might not be able to feel comfortable on the chair. So if you are finding your chair not so perfect, then probably the chair itself is not so right. And to keep this problem at bay, it is always advisable to get an ergonomic chair from a trusted store. You can check out Makemychairs.com for various types of ergonomic chairs.

If you are wondering how you will know if you need a new chair, the answer is very simple. You will just not feel right sitting on your old chair. The moment you get this feeling it is probably for the best to consider getting a new chair with good quality.